Elementary School

Due to budget constraints, this program has been discontinued.

PICKLES: Positive Influences Changing Kids’ Lives in Elementary Schools
Available to all third grade classes on Whidbey by teacher request.

This program was created by our community service organization with the assistance of  K-8 Washington State certified educators and funded in part by Island Thrift and the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.
Why? Studies, both locally and nationally, show that children are beginning to drink alcohol at very young ages, sometimes before they finish elementary school.  Children are our future, and they are also our future drivers.
Therefore the goal of PICKLES is to help prepare children to make healthy and responsible decisions about alcohol and other drug use, and reinforce at an early age the “no use” drugs message. In addressing this goal the program seeks to teach students that:
1) Children should not drink alcohol.
2) Adults should not drink/drug and drive.
The format of the program: Approximately 45-minute presentation that includes a brief age-appropriate video, talking about: healthy and unhealthy drinks for children, people you trust, impaired driving, and reinforcement activities with the children.
The PICKLES program is not intended to be a comprehensive, all-inclusive alcohol education curriculum. It is offered as another layer of positive influences to buffer children from the dangers of underage drinking, and ultimately drinking and driving.
*Alcohol: It’s Not for Me is aimed at children, ages 6-9, who may find themselves in situations similar to that experienced by Freddy and Bill. The video tells how to avoid such circumstances, and what to do if avoidance isn’t possible. The video also explains why alcohol can be dangerous, pointing out its effects on various parts of the body, and how it can affect an individual’s judgment and behavior. (10 minutes / ISBN#978-1-58541-609-7)
Patrice Payne, Broadview Elementary School:
“Thank you for coming to our classroom. The children enjoyed and appreciated the presentation and so did I. I wasn’t sure what we were going to see. I think we were all wondering if it would be appropriate for 3rd graders. It was very appropriate. They liked the video and the activity. Anything that is done that requires a little movement is a plus to them. I like the take home materials because it lets their parents now exactly what was presented. Thank you and I would recommend his presentation to other teachers.”
Monica Moss, Crescent Harbor Elementary School:
“I was really pleased by the presentation as well as how age appropriate it was for my third graders.  The students received information and tools to use if they are ever in an uncomfortable situation. Great program, I will definitely have P.I.C.K.L.E.S. back next year!”
Rebecca Ching, Crescent Harbor Elementary School:
“My students learned so much from the PICKLES Program and enjoyed the activities. A great big thank you for offering this program to our school.”
Donna Smith, Hillcrest Elementary School:
“I think PICKLES covers material third graders should be aware of. The activities are age-appropriate and engage the students well. I’ve appreciated having this presentation made to my third grade students at Oak Harbor Elementary beginning in 2005 and for the last few years at Hillcrest Elementary.”
Kathy Stanley, South Whidbey Elementary School:
“I thought the presentation was totally appropriate. The students were engaged and thoughtful and had good responses and insights. I think it should be required for all 3rd grades.”