These panels are for all pay grades not just for the young or the reckless.  While we prefer to do a panel as a “stand alone safety stand down” not to be combined with other training  so that it focuses solely on DUI and underage/drinking prevention for FULL IMPACT, we can make exceptions.

√ WHO attends panels? While the panel was originally designed for those arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), related driving charges such as Negligent 1st that include alcohol/other impairing drugs and Minor in Possession (MIP), the panels offer potentially-lifesaving info for all.  Therefore this training can be used for:
all military personnel, spouses, DoD personnel as year-round education and awareness
any of above with alcohol/other drug issues or arrested for DUI/related charges or MIP
personnel sent to Captain’s Mast for alcohol/other drug issues*
personnel impacted by DUI/Underage Drinking interested in being a panel speaker
no fee for CO’s Mast attendance
√ WHAT is a panel? Head and heart knowledge.
First half (head) includes:
* powerful four-minute video
* up-to-date power point presentation
* video that places audience members in a DUI crash
* volunteer demonstration of a Mock Field Sobriety Test
* award-winning seat belt video
Second half (heart) includes:
* Three local volunteer speakers
* Q & A
* A Pledge
√ WHERE are the panels held? Skywarrior Theater.  This provides the best viewing and sound with the most seating which at times is fully used when two or more commands attend.  Commands can either reserve their own panel or join one already reserved.
√ WHEN are panels held? Currently we are able to offer 4-6 panels per year.  Command can either reserve their own or join one already reserved.  This training is encouraged at least every two years; at that point there is enough of a change of personnel that may not have had this training. However, IF a command would like a panel sooner, we can certainly try to accommodate that need.
√ WHY are the panels needed? People suffer on our roads due to DUI every year. Traditional criminal sentencing efforts (fines, jail time, etc) haven’t been enough to curb DUI rates. Impact panels are a way to break down the anger and denial of offenders by enabling them to see how others are impacted by DUI. Influence attitude and you can influence behavior regarding DUI/underage drinking and save lives.
√ HOW long do they last? Base panels run about two hours depending on the speaker portion.  This allows for thorough coverage of head knowledge and heart knowledge.
HOW does my command reserve a panel? Contact the IDIPIC director and panel facilitator at least two weeks in advance at 672-8219 M-F 9am-5pm or email idipic AT idipic DOT org to see if IDIPIC is available on a specific date. Then:
1.  Check if base theater available; reserve for 3 hours (includes set up and take down)
2.  Notify IDIPIC and inform how many will be attending.
3.  On day of panel your rep picks up theater key/microphone and returns to OOD.
IDIPIC does all the rest!
 ALSO:  As with our town panels, there is no late admittance.  Do advise personnel that if they cannot attend the entire panel they should plan on attending another one.
√ HOW effective are the panels? Thanks to funding by the Oak Harbor Navy League and Officers Spouses Club of Whidbey Island, panels were held periodically at NASWI starting in 2006.  In early 2007 Navy Region Northwest reps witnessed an IDIPIC panel on base and worked with NASWI, NADAP and IDIPIC to bring regularly held panels aboard the Naval Air Station, funded by NADAP through FY10 and then by NASWI. Base panels are now funded by IDIPIC through its Partners in Prevention.* Since 2006 over 15,00 have attended base panels.  As noted by the air station’s Installation Excellence Awards the panels contributed to a reduction in DU
“…an extremely effective presentation, with great speakers that have left an enduring impression on our Sailors. It is obvious that you are very passionate about eliminating alcohol-related accidents within the local community. Thank you for the time you spent presenting this valuable training to our squadron…” / CDR R.A. Couglin / CO, VAQ-142 / 31JAN11
“…the very concise and detailed presentation you provided to over 1,400 personnel was extremely informative and helpful… I am convinced that your training will play a vital role in saving lives and is a smart, proactive approach in reducing alcohol-related incidents…It is evident that the IDIPIC panel has community impact!…” CAPT Steve E. Deal / Commander, Wing TEN / 30NOV12
“…This presentation reached a number of our sailors from E-1 to 0-4. The speakers were the highlight of the panel, and their willingness to share how their loss impacted their lives really drove home the consequences of drinking and driving for many of our Sailors.” CDR J.W.D. Kurtz / VAQ-132 / 07JUN13
The mayor and two Oak Harbor City Council members had the opportunity to spend time with Navy leadership at the Pentagon in March. “Many of those we met with had been stationed at Whidbey NAS, and when asked what stood out for them/what the community was doing right, several responded with: “IDIPIC.” They said your program was powerful and effective and they’ve never seen it replicated anywhere else.” / Oak Harbor Councilwoman Tara Hizon / 10APR14