Driver’s Ed/Parents

IDIPIC Attendance Info for Driver’s Ed. students & their parents

1. FREE: A community service — no cost to students or their parents.
2. Panels open to the public, run a little over 2 hours, no pre-registration necessary
3. No late admittance; it disturbs the class and valuable info missed. Please arrive before 1 pm for Sat. panels and before 7 pm for evening panels. About 15 minutes prior works best. This also allows time for us to check in offenders so we may start on time.
4. No one under 12 years of age allowed due to content.
5. Contact driving instructor not IDIPIC if schedule conflict.
WHO: Required by all local driving schools and SWHS driving instructors for driver’s ed. students to attend WITH one of their parents.
WHAT: Creative sentencing for DUI/MIP offenders (corrective); preventive for others.
WHERE: See locations below.
WHEN: Freeland, first Sat. of month, doors open 12:45 PM / Oak Harbor: doors open 12:45 pm if Sat. panel or 6:45 p.m. if weeknight panel. Schedule HERE.

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Hayes Hall 137, down the hall  by Oak Harbor Library / 1000 SE Regatta Dr.

Directions from South: At Oak Harbor Wal-Mart, at the light where Hwy 20 and Pioneer Way meet, go straight and follow Pioneer Way through downtown Oak Harbor about one mile. Turn left onto SE Regatta and take the first driveway on your right.

Directions from North: Follow Hwy. 20 from Deception Pass Bridge pass about 7 miles. Just past West Gate RV Center you’ll see Regatta Drive T’s off of Hwy 20. Take it 1.2 miles and turn left into driveway.

Grigware Hall, Trinity Lutheran Church, Freeland/18341 State Route 525

Directions from South: Go north on Hwy 525, turn left into driveway just before church sign. Corner of Hwy 525 & Woodard Rd. Hall is on the corner; it is NOT the church in back.
Directions from North: Follow Hwy 20 to Hwy 525. When you pass the Thrift Store on your left, the hall is on the corner of Woodard Rd & Hwy 525. Hall is on corner; it is NOT the church in back.
What do other parents say about these panels? “This was a very intense, emotional program and I appreciate the speakers sharing something that everyone hopes they will never have to go through. How strong they are. Thank you.”
“Very much appreciated this “class.” Glad you encouraged me to attend with my girls so I could ‘work with’ what they now know. Also, very good refresher course for parents.”
“If this class was offered when I attended driver’s ed. I do not think I would be holding a DUI on my record. The speakers, visuals, handouts and all the statistics, had an enormous impact on me. If only HALF of that information was required as a new driver, DUI would not be as prevalent as it is today.”
And a couple of driver’s ed. student comments: “Tonight’s presentation impacted me in an unbelievable way. I walked in thinking ‘I just want to get this over with.’ But as I leave I realize how much drinking and driving affects people’s lives.”
“Being in this short class really changed my perspective on drinking and driving. Though I don’t drive yet, I know now that I will always look out for my close friends, if they need a sober driver. I’ll be there. Thank you for this experience.”