How do I report a DUI?

Reporting a suspected DUI is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Call 911, say you suspect a DUI, and report:
1.  Exact location (identify road and direction) of vehicle.
2.  Description of the vehicle (make, model, color, license number, etc.)
3.  Manner in which the vehicle is being driven.

You could very well be a lifesaver!

1.  attempt to stop the vehicle.
2.  attempt to follow if the vehicle is exceeding the posted limit.
3.  disregard any traffic signals in an attempt to keep the driver in view.
4.  follow the impaired driver too closely as they may stop suddenly.
5.  attempt to act in the capacity of a police/fire/ER person unless trained/authorized to.
6.  attempt to assist any police officer while they are apprehending an impaired driver.
–  Turning with a wide radius or clipping curb
–  Drifting
–  Weaving
–  Following too closely
–  Slow response to traffic signals
–  Not lowering hi-beams to oncoming traffic
–  Signaling inconsistent with driving actions
–  Driving too fast or slow or erratic speed
–  Tapping brakes unnecessarily
–  Driving with headlights off at night
–  Driving on/tapping center line (maybe drifts right with oncoming vehicle) OR fog line.
* Don’t know if the driver is impaired? Don’t worry — the police will determine the cause of the unsafe driving you report. And yes, a driver can use his/her cell phone to report a possible DUI.