MISSION STATEMENT:  to deter driving under the influence and underage drinking in our communities through education and awareness.
In early 2000 there was a recognition of the need to combine correction with prevention to reduce the number of DUI motorists and underage drinkers in Island County. IDIPIC was established that summer to provide “creative sentencing” for court-ordered DUI and MIP offenders in Island County who otherwise had to travel to nearby counties.  Since “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” less than a year after it began IDIPIC began working with youth as well.
IDIPIC is a network of concerned individuals dedicated to its mission to deter driving under the influence and underage drinking in our communities through education and awareness.
There are several forms of impairment on our roads. Drowsiness, distraction, texting, road rage, and other impairments.  We limit our focus to impaired driving done via alcohol and other drugs.
Many organizations operate on a “shoestring budget,” IDIPIC operates on a “razor-thin” one.  There are no office or utility costs – they are provided free of charge by the organization’s director, one of two part-time staff members who works under a Board of Directors that meets quarterly.
Approximately 60 volunteers assist in public awareness activities via schools and community events, panel speaking, organization support, and fundraising. Partners in Prevention, a network of about 40 island agencies, businesses, organizations, churches, and others, provide support such as discounted printing, web hosting, thank you coupons to volunteers, and monetary donations.  Annual funding comes from individual donations, grants and panel user fees (only offenders pay) along with fundraiser/awareness events.
IDIPIC has satisfactorily met and exceeded Washington State Victim Impact Panel Coalition Minimum Standards and met registration requirements with the Washington Secretary of State Charities Program since it was established.
IDIPIC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and Non-Profit Organization. (Our EIN is: 91-2051351 ).The Organization takes affirmative action to endeavor that no person shall be denied the benefits of equal employment or be subjected to discrimination in employment and activities of  IDIPIC on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, handicap or any other constitutionally or statutorily impermissible reason. This shall include persons with disabilities.
Director: Mike Diamanti
Facilitator/Educator: Nichol Rayne
Major Accomplishments:
1. Whidbey driver’s education students are required by their driving schools and instructors to attend an impact panel and to be accompanied by one of their parents, which is a first in our state. Over 5,000 students have attended to date.
2.  Over 20,000 elementary through high school students have experienced various IDIPIC safety programs since 2001.
3.  IDIPIC has been recognized by:
* Washington Traffic Safety Commission for  its “untiring efforts” in DUI prevention
* PACFLT’s Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention “best practices”
* Navy Region Northwest for “powerful” and “outstanding” NAS Whidbey Island safety training
* NAS Whidbey Island in past annual Installation Excellence Award submissions
* Numerous NASWI commands via Letters of Appreciation for its “eye-opening” and “invaluable” base panels.
* So. Whidbey Seeds of Change: “guidance, inspiration and support” with Addiction Impact Panels
* Island County Health Advisory Board as a Community Health Hero