NOTES Kudos to our helpers for IDIPIC Holiday Fun November 30th: AE1 Jason Schofield of VAQ-130, Cecilia Welch, Sabrina Underwood, Scott Scrimshaw, John Hellmann, Anne Murphy of the Oak Harbor Library and her band of merry helpers: Michaela Geist, Emma Poulson, Mallory Hunt and Kat Fisher. The safety event kicked off National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, which was recognized with a proclamation by Island County just prior to Thanksgiving and will be recognized by the City of Oak Harbor December 6th.
NASWI NEWS The latest NASWI commands to attend a panel were VAQ-139, VAQ-142 and NIOC last month. A number of Indoc personnel from various commands attended as well bringing the total to over 500. Just a few of many comments:
“Normally I fall asleep for these assemblies but this one was touching. The videos and stories were very effective.”
“The presentation was very informative and I did learn a lot. I can honestly say that there are a few bad habits that I will break.”
“It was a good panel. All the speakers brought something different to the panel. Very informative and educative.”

Your command can reserve one of these potentially lifesaving prevention panels with just a phone call or email. Details HERE.
PANELS for December are the 3rd in Freeland, and 6th, 12th and 17th in Oak Harbor; we’ve added a third one in Oak Harbor for this month to accommodate the many driver’s ed. students and their parents. Check out the panel schedule HERE.
PARTNERS IN PREVENTION Welcome Back to Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Welcome Aboard to Debb Leach. See all our Partners HERE.
SCHOOL REPORT Our “Th!nk, Don’t Drink, Drug & Drive” program was experienced by 25 Munros’ Driving Instruction students November 16.
THANK YOU to our November panel speakers Brian Grimm, Terre Greenwood, AE1 Jason Schofield (twice), Scott Scrimshaw, Deputy Jim Covert of The Coupeville Marshal’s Office (twice) and coroner Dr. Robert Bishop and our helpers Raetta Ewing, Phyllis Rainer, Ephraim Robbins and and YN1 Lynn Johnson of VAQ-139. Your support keeps these panels going.   : )

Keep in mind most DUIs are NOT indicated by swerving and DO report any you suspect. We’re all on these roads together.


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