Next IDIPIC base panel: Friday, 2 May, Skywarrior Theater, 1245-1515. Attending: Naval Munitions Command; NOPF and VQ-1 Indoc and CNATTU students. ROOM FOR MORE. Contact JoAnn Hellmann at 672-8219 or for your group or command. MORE DETAILS: HERE

HIGH PRAISE for IDIPIC from the PENTAGON: Tara Hizon, Oak Harbor City Councilwoman, informed IDIPIC recently: “Last month the Oak Harbor City Council had the opportunity to spend time with Navy leadership at the Pentagon. Many of those we met with had been stationed at Whidbey NAS, and when asked what stood out for them/what the community was doing right, several responded with:” ‘IDIPIC.’  “They said your program was powerful and effective and they’ve never seen it replicated anywhere else.”




Besides panels, IDIPIC can provide a speaker for your command safety stand down? Francis “Bags” Bagarella spoke at VP-1’s March 25. He was NASWI commander master chief a few years back and since retiring has been the Oak Harbor School District’s director of transportation and is currently IDIPIC’s board president.
About a new designer drug linked to overdose deaths in teens?
Ford developed a special teaching suit that simulates driving under the influence?
NEWS LINKS / National DUI deaths under-reported in U.S. 

NEWS LINKS / State More Wash. drivers positive for pot; no increase in car crashes

NASWI NEWS Has your command experienced an IDIPIC panel the last two years? Currently two are reserved for commands, 2 May and 4 May. Room for more! Contact IDIPIC to get your command to experience this award-winning and potentially lifesaving impact panel by calling or emailing at least two weeks in advance. More details HERE.
PANELS for April: the 5th in Freeland and the 12th and 24th in Oak Harbor. To check out future panel dates and times, check the schedule HERE. Looking for panels in other counties? Look HERE.
PARTNERS IN PREVENTION Welcome aboard to the Rotary Club of Oak Harbor as a Platinum Partner in Prevention. See all our Partners listed HERE.
SCHOOL REPORT IDIPIC’s Th!nk, Don’t Drink, Drug & Drive class was presented to 27 of Munros’ Driving Instruction students March 19th .  Its Th!nk, Don’t Drink or Drug program was presented to 92 students in Joni Keller and Michael Hunting’s health classes at OHMS March 27.
THANK YOU to our March speakers Jean Gervais, WSP Trooper Dave Martin, Don Growe, Camille Brighten, Erika Carnahan and our helpers Phyllis Rainey, Jeremy Saunders and Eph Robbins. YOU make it happen!
19 IDIPIC volunteers will be manning Water Station #16 at Regatta and Torpedo roads for the Whidbey Island Marathon on Sunday April 13. We’ve done this several years in a row and look forward to once again hydrating and motivating the runners! WE GOT THIS!

IDIPIC’s KISSKeep It a Safe Summer — safety campaign kicks off in late May to highlight the 100 Deadly Days of Summer. Thank you to our sponsors (a complete list will be posted here next month and on our Facebook page) and to all those who donate during the campaign to help IDIPIC reach it’s goal of $10,ooo toward its mission of “safer kids, safer roads.” Donations can be mailed to IDIPIC, P.O. Box 358, Oak Harbor WA 98277.


“We’re all on these roads together.”